Remodel / Resurface

Inground vinyl pool remodel

When it comes time to reline your inground vinyl pool, you may consider a more extensive upgrade. Whether it is adding or modifying a step, changing out a skimmer or installing an LED color-changing light to your pool, we can do it all. To reinforce and repair older pools, it may be necessary to reinforce your pool walls, add new track, or upgrade plumbing.

Fiberglass Resurface

Fiberglass resurfacing may be the best option for older inground vinyl pools with structural issues. Our partner, Advanced Pool Coatings, resurfaces all types of pools and spas with their Advanced-Glass technology. Their patented system provides a durable, long-lasting fiberglass structural layer and a smooth finish coat that will transform an older pool into a worry-free, “like-new” pool. To learn more about the fiberglass resurfacing process, visit Advanced Pool Coatings' website. We would be happy to discuss this option with you.

Vinyl pool transformed with fiberglass "Advanced-Glass" system by Advanced Pool Coatings